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Shipping Information

Shipping Methods and Charges

Standard shipping charges are based on PUROLATOR OR CANADA POST shipping costs.

When you purchase a new, refurbished, used, or item from a F.M.S., you pay immediately, online. Included in your payment is a precalculated fee for shipping. A rate chart is included below.


(2 to 5 business days)

(1 to 4 business days)

(3 to 6 weeks)
  Cell Phones $9.95 $19.99 Quotes
  Accessories $9.95 $14.99 Quotes
  Satellite Phones $24.98 $39.95 Quotes
  Everything Else $9.95+ $0.50/lb. $19.95 + $0.99/lb. Quotes

Should you have any questions about your shipment, please contact FMS directly. At 1-866-775-2355 or support@futuremobilesolutions.com.

Warranty Information

FUTURE MOBILE SOLUTIONS (FUTUR MONDE SANS-FIL) upholds the warranties offered by the manufacturers who craft our goods.

FMS Payments Countries
• Canada
• United States (Excluding U.S. protectorates)

How Our Rates Are Calculated
FMS charges Marketplace buyers a flat rate for shipping, to offset the costs of packaging and labor, as well as the actual postage and shipping charges required.

Shipping costs are an inherent feature in any mail-order service, and we hope that you will understand.