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Inreach Delorme Satelite Phones
Delorme Inreach

While your average smartphone is great in places where people drink lattes (the 10% of the world that has cell phone coverage), with inReach you’re connected everywhere. Whether you’re crossing Antarctica or the Sahara, you’ll have reliable coverage on the other 90% of the earth — with the world’s only truly global network. Simply install the free DeLorme Earthmate app, and transform your smartphone or tablet into a two-way text-messaging global communications device and a GPS viewer (with the latest terrain and road details).

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Wireless Pairing •Connect wirelessly via Bluetooth Messaging •Compose email or SMS address on the fly, or select from your phone contacts •Compose and send messages up to 150 characters •View incoming messages •Post to Facebook, Twitter, or your own shared map Interactive SOS •Describe your situation in detail to improve emergency response •Stay in touch for mutual status updates on your situation •Automatic location tracking Follow Me/Find Me Tracking and Location •User-selected tracking interval (10 minutes to 4 hours) •GPS position accuracy to within 5 meters •View tracking breadcrumbs online Navigate •Navigate with confidence using DeLorme Topo North America maps, DeLorme Digital Atlas of the Earth maps or NOAA Charts •Unlike streaming maps, your downloaded maps remain available even when outside of cellular coverage •Free app for smartphone users at iTunes.com or Googleplay.com enables free map downloads
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