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Bluesky Handsfree Car Kit 1001b Bluesky Bluetooth Car Kits
Bluesky Bluesky Handsfree Car Kit 1001b

This bluetooth enabled hands-free car kit complies with the latest road safety regulations. This wireless design makes for easy installation as there is no need to modify any interir fittings within the vehicle. Simply clamp the unit onto your existing rearview Mirror, "pair" and go.

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  • Bluetooth specification: 2.0
  • USB software framework, update and charging
  • Full duplex, noise and echo suppression
  • DSP technology
  • Easily uses your carís speakers with 4 available frequency settings
  • Built-in microphone
  • Built-in-rear speaker and earpiece for private conversations
  • Voice record and play back
  • Name and number display
  • Up and down scroll and redial
  • Voice dial and redial capability
  • High capacity rechargeable Li-ion battery with standby time 168 hours
  • Call waiting function
  • Wireless installation
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