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Hcc-250 Anycom Bluetooth Car Kits
Anycom Hcc-250

The ANYCOM HCC-250 Bluetooth Car-Kit is equipped with advanced call management functions such as voice dial, last number re-dial, hold, mute and 3-way-calling. Can be used to listen to music in high quality through the Bluetooth A2DP profile.

$129    $99.95
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The Anycom HCC-250 Bluetooth Car-Kit offers better communication quality and more functions than most pre-installed hand free kits at much higher costs. By using a 16-bit digital signal processor (DSP) it filters the surrounding noise and reduces the echo of your own voice. The full duplex mode enhances the communication quality on both sides. The 1.5 Watt speaker delivers a clear and loud signal even at higher driving noise.
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